Sunday, August 5, 2007

Nostalgia (and the cure for it)

I've experienced one of those pain in the chest longing days for South Africa. It was one of those that put you in a, bite your own neck arteries off, suicidal mood.

That was the mood that prevailed until I read a few newspapers online.

It sure cured my nostalgia in a flash.

What a f 'kin violent society!

Simon Barret, when interviewing me, asked whether I would return to South Africa. My response will now have to be:

"I would rather share a tent for a month, in the middle of the coldest winter, in Outer-Mongolia with a horde of Yak-shagging, anal sex-fiends descendant from Ghenghis Khan, whose idea of torture is a white-hot soldering iron shoved firmly up your rectum, than return to that hell-hole."

First world country, my arse!

And they dare to wonder why the rest of the world treats them like a brother who's in prison i.e. they still love him but do not acknowledge his existence in civilised company.


wood_728 said...

Jerry has anyone told ya you look the spitting image as the late great Oliver Reed !!! lmao

Good Luck with your new website.

Best wishes
Dale AKA My-Insane-M8

Sarah Britten said...

Great insult Gerrie! It has duly been posted on my blog.