Saturday, August 4, 2007

How to Recognise a Swede

Do Swedes have a sense of humour?

Judge for yourself. Herewith a few items I lifted off a list compiled by Swedes for Swedes. (I can’t recall where I got it else I would have credited the source)

They secretly love the Eurovision Song Contest to pieces.
Everyone knows at least 10 Abba songs by heart.
They don’t really consider silence a problem in social situations.
They consider the question “how are you?” when posed, needs to be answered with an honest and thorough explanation of their mental health.
They consider a fast and audible intake of breath as a synonym to the word “yes.”
All have a summer house in the countryside. It has no running water or flushing toilet but they can’t understand why no one wants to visit.
They prefer writing in pencil.
They happily engage in conversations about the weather.
They would rather stand in the buss for an hour than bother the person whose handbag is currently occupying the last available seat.
They insist on convincing people that Vikings were the first to discover America.

I will post ten a week.


Simon Barrett said...

hahahaha I see you have been busy

Christopher said...

I wanted to comment on each post, as i laughed out loud. But after reading the post on the grammar and spelling I think it best if I confine my comments to just one. Please keep sharing your wonderful out-look. I have subscribed, so I will be able to enjoy your blog as soon as it is posted. You are The Man!!! Love to the family.

The CoolMUZicMan

Gerrie Hugo said...

Hello Cristopher, my good friend. Glad you enjoyed the doodlings of a madman in the nicotine and coffe stains of his brain.
I hope you have settled well and that things are looking up for you as I've gathered from our last conversations.
I need to get links from you, preferably on another forum, with which I can introduce people to your music. My site and blog would not be complete without them.
I will convey your wishes and kindly do the same to you and yours.

For the rest of you!

This man is a much talented artist and I will introduce him and his music soon. So watch this space.

Sarah Britten said...

The Swedes sound a little like the on earth do they handle an Afrikaner who speaks his mind??

Heather said...

Haha that's hilarious! :) I especially loved this one: "All have a summer house in the countryside. It has no running water or flushing toilet but they can’t understand why no one wants to visit."

Rana said...

Gerrie, I refuse to comment in too much depth, on the grounds that my (probable) future son-in-law is Swedish, my daughter lives in Sweden, and I don't want to incriminate myself - but I silent chuckles, put it that way. I have been to their summerhouse, and it was a brilliant experience! ... They are now putting in a chemical toilet to replace the longdrop, hurray!

Keep on posting :)