Thursday, January 17, 2008

Time flies when you’re having fun


I’m back.

I wish I had a sexy excuse like participating in a campaign of rolling mass action to bring a dictatorship to its knees forcing it not only to the negotiation table but also towards democratic elections and implementation of basic human rights. Mass-action that includes but is not restricted to; civil-disobedience, consumer boycotts, strikes, stay-aways, protest marches and yes, limited armed action. In effect a low-level civil-war that takes up all of one’s time and keeps one away from cyberspace.

However, I do not have that excuse. I suffered from SAD (winter depression) and also had a major computer crash which made me decide to hell with it all. I thus went into a lazy sulk and could not be bothered to try and network or keep in touch with my friends. (I lost more than 200 gigabyte of music that was not backed up anywhere else. We are talking about 33000 albums so it’s no wonder I’m a bit fed-up. More than 80% of it was old rock and roll that one cannot find anymore.)

Revolutionary activity sounds so much sexier than just goofing off. I’m therefore sticking with participation in mass-action as excuse for my absence.

I made no New Year’s resolutions. Why bother? I gave up both drinking and smoking in 2007 and will not consider celibacy as yet. I will also not make any predictions as its common knowledge that the planet is totally fucked-up by humans who just do not care a rat’s arse about the future. Any prophecy of doom will thus be accurate to some extent.

I will just carry on with my old quest of trying to be as truthful and kind to the woman in my life and try to love my children more. That is an achievable goal and the only one I live by. I’m done with trying to change the world.

I’m also going to try and sell more books. The reason why I blog is to sell books. If you do not have a copy yet, follow these links, and buy the damn thing:

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I’m also available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and numerous others.

With my next post I’ll discuss the plight of the dead. We hear too little from them.