Sunday, January 27, 2008

I don’t intend moving

I have a wonderful view from my home office window. I often catch myself daydreaming and staring at the park and the wooded area with up-market housing in the distance.

Today the view is absolutely breathtaking. Everything is green. It is a bright sunny day without any breeze blowing. One can tell from the motionless national flags that most fly with pride. The temperature is about 7 degrees Celsius as it has been every day for the past couple of weeks. People are out in numbers enjoying the wonderful weather and flora. Apparently the wild mushrooms are available in abundance. Roses are budding in the Southern part of this country, lovely!

So what is wrong with this picture?

It is Jan 27th, 2008, in the middle of winter in Stockholm.

The snow should be at least a meter thick with an average temperature of minus 12 to minus 15 degrees Celsius. (Minus 25 degrees Celsius is not uncommon for this time of year)

It should also be grey and overcast as almost to be dark.

Is this global warming?

Indeed it is! In our lifetime we are reaping the result of our rape of the planet. This is not some theoretical prediction that can be shrugged off as a matter concerning the future generations. Something needs to be done now.

My need to address global warming is a bit more selfish.

I still need to try out the boots I bought last year. I will look really stupid if I was to wear Arctic clothing without snow on the ground.

In only 5 years things have taken a turn for the worse. Boots and thermal underwear that was very much needed at the time, are now laughing in my face.

I am not complaining. According to a study Scandinavian countries stand to benefit the most from global warming.

As for the rest of the world, just spread your legs and bend over…

Long Live the Dead

I decided to become a spokesperson for the dead. We hear too little from them. They get exploited by so-called mediums as well as TV-personalities and nobody deems it fit to challenge their point of view. Enough I say. From now on I will fight for the rights of our dearly departed and endeavor to make exploitation of the said group as unfashionable as seal clubbing. They have basic rights to decency and privacy, something that everyone seems to ignore.

I find it immensely satisfying that my grandparents and parents are now being exposed as blatant bloody liars. They were the ones that repeatedly told me that no such thing as “ghosts” exist and I knew all along that they were lying. (I’ll bet anything that they were silently shit-scared themselves when telling me not to be silly)

I’ve always been a little bit fey and have grown used to my “friends” showing up at all times and hanging around, reading over my shoulder when I type. The telltale signs of activity is normally associated with a sudden drop in temperature (I physically shiver) and the hairs on the back of my neck rising. Whenever this happens I just casually say “hi” and have yet to get an answer back. It does not matter. I feel their presence and seldom feel threatened as most are not malevolent entities. When I do feel threatened I firmly tell them to leave me alone and that have worked until now. I believe they have manners.

What really gets my goat are these dumb pricks on TV asking spirits to either give them a sign or show themselves. Can’t they realize that a request like that is about as on par as an Earthling accepting an invitation from a bunch of Aliens to come for an anal probe? Would you go willingly for such an encounter? I sure as hell would decline.

Leave the dead alone. They guard over us.