Saturday, August 18, 2007

I am a Racist

Sigh!..why am I not surprised to have this accusation levelled at me?

In the past I have been accused of fuelling anti-white sentiments so it probably figures. Rather practice "silent diplomacy" like thabo mbeki (lower cases intended - read my previous post in this regard) and have no opinion on anything. I actually believe that this was a term thought out by his political advisors who warned him "do not have an opinion on anything at all as it might incriminate you."

The source however, is somewhat surprising as it comes from a politically correct liberal and saw the light because I dared to address political incompetence bordering on criminal insanity. Nowhere in any of my posts did I ridicule any other race or ethnic group. This person made race an issue, not me. Maybe my observations are starting to cut too close to the bone. I shudder to think that this person is a teacher and responsible for influencing fertile young minds.

I am also trying to address the plight of all the law-abiding people in South Africa across the total spectrum of the "rainbow nation." I try to illuminate the current situation and the bleak future and do not dwell on the wrongs of the past as we can do nothing about it. The people I'm concerned about were not even born when South African politicians of old crucified the term "democracy." You address that because it is all you know.

I will show you some of the so-called "legacies of apartheid," seeing that you asked. It was called a functioning infrastructure, health care that worked, a justice system that protected the law-abiding citizens and a foreign policy that frowned on dictatorships like Zimbabwe to mention but a few.

In days of old people had a novel way of dealing with women accused of being witches. The unlucky ones were thrown into the water and if they could flounder to the side that was deemed as ample proof of the accusation and they were then promptly burnt at the stake.

Witches were thus given a choice of execution. Either they drown or they burn.

Why am I not afforded the same priviledge?

I get executed by one swift word. "Racist."

Go and read my book (and here in SA) before you ever accuse me of being a racist and be advised never, ever to call me that to my face as I will dent your cranium. Take that as an observation, promise or threat whatever your religious persuasion, race, gender, age or the company we are in. I do not care.

Some might detect that I'm slightly pissed-off.

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