Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Good Old Days

Where have they gone?

The days when Presidents of the USA screwed around instead of being screwed by a cave-dweller.

When it was understood by a president that soldiers actually fight and die when sent to war. What on earth did Bush, his supporters and advisors expect? That the people of Iraq will roll over and play dead? Even the most docile dog will snap at the hand that tries to shove a cactus up its arse. Invasion and occupation of a country is not a corporate take-over. I just need to point that out as George W Bush seem to have a problem with grasping the concept.

When a lynch-mob forcibly removed a thief from jail and solved the problem, permanently, there and then. Horse thieves were hung because their actions threatened the existence of the victims. Exactly what is the difference between the anc politicians who steal from the tax-payers and threaten the lives of law-abiding citizens with lack of health care, policing and implementing laws that marginalise the minority and a horse thief of old?

When self-defence was seen as a legal course of action and did not get tainted with accusations of racism, no matter what the cause.

When countries had national pride, at least one credible politician and hope for the future.

When it was still honourable to work for a living and earn your keep. (Alas, Africa politics put an end to that)

When Amnesty International meant business with fighting oppression and ensuring human rights. They are now too embarrassed to admit that their chosen ones, the anc, are worst oppressors than the National Party in South Africa ever was. (Go and see for yourself on their website if any mention is made of the current political chaos in South Africa – it gets ignored. They will rather try to bring attention to counties like China, which they know they can do bugger-all about)

This is one terminally ill society we live in and I will not be surprised if and when the cosmos decide “enough with this crap from humans, it is time to end it all.”

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