Friday, August 3, 2007

What a Load of Horse Manure!

An e-mail I just received:

“WE HAVE A MISSION SOLUTION CENTERDo you wonder why you have obstacles in your life? Do you feel as if youwere in bondage? Our mission is to assist you to find solutions to theabove issues. Where necessary we will intervene or intercede on yourbehalf. Visit our SOLUTION CENTER FREE Prayers, Deliverance, and CounselingWe offer FREE Counseling on a wide range of Spiritual Issues. We can prayfor you. Otherwise, we will intercede to overcome the adversaries whereyour future and prosperity were threatened.You need to live with understanding rather than just existing - beingtossed around by circumstances, not knowing where your destiny wasleading…”

Four spelling mistakes, I had to edit the layout to make a bit more sense and I won’t even venture near the grammar.

I don’t wonder why there are obstacles in my life, I know. It is because of idiotic troglodytes like this who have the moral standards of a pregnant, squatter camp sow, who wants me to pay for their “wisdom.”

Since when was prayer anything else but free and an exercise of free will within grasp of any moron who can string a coherent sentence together. I definitely don’t need them to pray on my behalf as one can not be sure were their crucifixion of the language will ultimately end up. There might just be a dark god of bad language waiting patiently for their prayers and I’m not taking that risk.

I would however, like to make use of their intervention as far as my adversaries and prosperity is concerned. Both issues can be found in the bank where my mortgage is being held and I would look upon it kindly if they could inflict unmentionable suffering on these adversaries that threaten my future prosperity with their high interest rates. I would really understand and not only exist if they could pull that one off for me and get my loan declared all paid up.

Why do I read this crap?

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