Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Nightmare of a Child

In the middle of the night we were woken up by heart rendering sobs coming from the room of our 9 year old. I dragged myself out of bed to see what was wrong. The child was absolutely devastated and I got the dream out of him in panting little sobs. It went like this:

“Gerrie, I dreamt of a terribly cruel leader of a far-away country. Nobody knew exactly how cruel this man was because he could hide it very well. Nobody actually wanted to believe that this man was capable of such cruelty. He was the pre-destined ruler of the country and was groomed and schooled by reasonable people to one day take charge. When he came to power he also practiced a policy of silence diplomacy so nobody could question his motives because he would not respond.

A couple of years before this man came to power a terrible disease struck the people of his country. Scientists warned the world of this horrible illness and started research to look for an effective medicine. Soon they had prototypes of medicine available and needed to develop this further.

Because a big pharmaceutical company knew that this man would one day be the leader, they approached him and told him to invest in their brand of medicine as he could become very rich out of it. They did not tell him that there was also another brand of medicine in development. They silently hoped that he would promote their prototype to take over the market. The leader saw this as a golden opportunity and got his family and close circle of friends to invest a lot of money into it.

Fate did not smile upon this man and medical research soon proved that the other brand (the one he did not invest in) was the most effective and the one to be used worldwide. This made the leader very angry and when he came to power he made it government policy not to supply the medicine to the very sick people of his country that desperately needed it. He decided if he could not get rich then nobody will get the medicine.

He makes the people of his country die by the hundreds of thousands because of his anger. The rest of the world allows this because they do not know his real reason. Only his close circle of confidants does.

One of them is the Minister for Health. She drinks and steals but he can not fire her because she tells the people that the medicine is not needed by them. She also knows what his real reason is and he can not act against her because he is afraid she will tell the world.”

I comforted the boy and told him it was only a dream and that things like that do not happen in real life.

Soon he was sound asleep again but I lay awake thinking…

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