Monday, August 20, 2007

Just A Thought

Maybe it's better for me sitting on the sidelines to make an observation. I am fortunate not to be bombarded daily by farcical political antics in South Africa.

Something is wrong with the ANC government's approach to the investigation of "alleged" misconduct by the Minister for Health.

"This mirrored earlier responses on the matter by the Presidency. Spokesperson Mukoni Ratshitanga earlier on Monday said the Presidency would not launch an investigation into the matter until the evidence was produced." Mail & Guardian.

They first want evidence before they investigate!

From watching TV I've learnt that evidence is a result of an investigation.

They don't want evidence. They want to know who the sources are so that they can use their Intelligence Agencies to try to discredit and intimidate the ones who were brave enough to speak out.

These politicians should watch a bit more TV and spend less time scheming how to hide incompetence before they come up with crap like this but I guess that is also too much to ask.

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