Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rainbow Nation and other Illusions

A rainbow does not exist. It is an optical illusion. A magic trick of Mother Nature beautiful to behold but that’s the only way you can experience it.

The same applies for the Rainbow Nation of South Africa as it’s an illusion and just window-dressing for the rest of the world. It remains a dream and a tangible thing it is not. Anyone who states differently is lying. They are bullshitting and they all know it. Still, they would rather die than admit to failure. They will patronizingly tell you that they are busy with “nation-building” while they widely practice racism and bigotry. Theirs is a noble quest not to be questioned. Especially not by the likes of me that decided to leave because I prefer not to be murdered by criminals. You see, according to them, plain common sense now equates a traitor and racist. Because I opted to leave South Africa when the opportunity was offered I am a bad, very bad person. The ones that do not have the means or opportunity are now acting as if they are exercising free will and choice by staying. Therefore they should be praised for bravery and noble actions as they are the ones who are busy with nation-building.

Show me someone that turned down the opportunity to leave and I will show you a severe comprehension disability.

This however does not stop the condescending prigs who try to patronize me by telling me that they are too busy with their noble quest to acknowledge the likes of me. Where do you come from when treating me like rubbish? Because I dared to leave South Africa I get depicted as a racist traitor by the snot-nosed spawn of some bleeding heart lefty liberal lunatics who should have known better than to procreate. The fruit of their loins is ample proof that they should have travelled to Swaziland for that back-room abortion they discussed and considered at the time.

The illusion does not end there. Rather than to admit that they are gullible fools who fell for the cons of their appointed leaders, a large part of the population will fiercely attack anyone who criticizes the said political leaders. All of a sudden “respect” is the most important facet defined by the spirit of Ubuntu. The ones who dare to point out that politicians actually steal and are criminally incompetent apparently do not understand this weird culture.

Cut the crap, people! It is not that difficult to admit that you have been conned. And don’t tell me that I do not understand your culture. There is nothing mysterious about African culture anymore. We have not travelled back in time to the days of the first explorers of the Dark Continent. If your culture preaches that one must have respect for criminals and incompetent idiots then I do not want to know about it. A culture like that is backward and inferior and don’t call me a racist because I am stating a fact. How dare you put an argument like that forward and expect the rest of the civilized world to take you serious? Grow up! Criticism of the ANC is not treason, as preached by the leaders of the organization. It is just a ploy to ensure large numbers of blind followers.

I will probably be crucified for this article. Maybe I should leave comments about that hellhole to those who feel prone to massive coronary or to the ones that like to wallow in self-deception because whichever way I turn, in the eyes of many I will always have my foot in my mouth.

A fact that I’m strangely comfortable with…

It is after all better than living in total denial.

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