Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Week After

One week after winning the Rugby World Cup what does one find?

Winning the trophy did not cure one case of AIDS in South Africa and neither did it make a dent in the crime statistics. Lucky Dube is still dead and children are still abused sexually in startling high numbers.

Politicians are still corrupt and the president himself still covers for these criminals by interfering in the judicial process. Judges still defeat justice and seem to get away with it.

The Daily Dispatch newspaper still can not get their Saturday edition online in time and their editorial staff still acts like spoilt brats about it i.e. They ignore the problem.

Race relations are at an all time low and investors are starting to have their doubts about South Africa.

Robert Mugabe is still a saint and no plans for an invasion to topple him from power are on the cards yet.

The government is still screwing with your screwing by not producing a trustworthy condom.


Anyone having second thoughts about elevating Mbeki to hero status last weekend?


Richard Catto said...


Winning the Rugby World Cup didn't do South Africa a bit of good.

Some like to say that it did.

I wish South Africans were less mad about sport and more enthusiastic about the real issues.

panem et circenses.

Gerrie Hugo said...

Amen to that!