Sunday, August 26, 2007


With a heavy heart and eyes brimming with tears I am pruning my friends’ lists on both Facebook and Myspace.

I am forced to do this because I have to face reality.

He does not care about me. I was just a one-night stand. No matter that I hung onto his every word and every drag he took from his pipe. I worshipped him but he does not call and he does not write. He did not even send me a sms to thank me for the cuddly teddy bear gift I sent him on Facebook. I tried to give him moral support with the hard times he is experiencing but he just brushes me aside.

It is not that he has not got the time. How busy can one be steering South Africa off a cliff, defending Robert Mugabe and your Minister for Health? He clearly does not care about me.

Thabo Mbeki, you brought this one yourself! I’m not your friend anymore and don’t expect a Christmas card either.

Let this be a lesson to all. Never fall for short men. They will break your heart.

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Sarah Britten said...

I too tried to be the Prez's friend, but he ignored me. I am very hurt.